Date; Sunday 29th March 2020

Time; 11.30am

Start; Weavers Square, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire
Distance: 24.8 km / 15.4 miles (Long)
Ascent: 966 metres / 3170 feet (category B)
Categories: NS (Navigational Skills Required), LK (Local Knowledge an advantage), PM (Course Partially Marked)
Registration: The Cross Inn, Town Gate, Heptonstall from 9:30 am onwards
Cost: £10:00 entry on the day
Parking: a field at the top of the village near Draper Corner £1 Donation
Kit requirements: full waterproof body cover, hat, gloves, map, compass, whistle, emergency food


Walshaw Farm – first pass (on descent before CP4) – 13.45
Walshaw Farm – second pass (CP6) – 14.30

In 2020 we plan to apply 2 cut-off points at Walshaw Farm; Firstly, 1km before CP4 as you pass through the farm for the first time. The first cut-off time at Walshaw is 12.45, or 2 hours 15 mins after the start of the race; Secondly, we will apply a cut-off at CP6 as you pass through the farm for the second time. The second cut-off time at CP6 will be at 13.30, or 3 hours after the start of the race. If you are outside of these times you will be instructed to retire. We reserve the right to alter the cut off time depending on weather conditions. Please respect the marshals’ decision.

What’s the race like?

The Heptonstall Fell Race is a category BL race across the best of the local landscape around Heptonstall in the upper Calder Valley. The 25 kilometres of route takes in a mixture of steep-sided wooded valleys, upland pasture and pathless moorland.

You’ll be hurtling down grassy slopes, struggling across stretches of bog, scrambling up through thick heather, dodging through dense woodland and – most of all – racing over some wild open countryside. If you get the chance to look around, you’ll see for miles across some of the most beautiful and remote scenery in the South Pennines.

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