The race is held under UK Athletics laws, FRA and Heptonstall Fell Race competition rules.

You must carry the following equipment which may be checked at the start and at any other point on the course – hat, gloves, wind and waterproof jacket and trousers, compass, whistle, map of the route ,and emergency food. If you are found without any of the required equipment you will be disqualified. Please note we advise runners to additionally carry a mobile phone.

In the event of poor weather conditions on race day, the organisers may either choose an alternative route or may even cancel the race.

On Race day

One number will be issued which must be worn and be clearly visible at all times.

Competitors must pass each checkpoint once only in the correct sequence.

Competitors who retire must advise the nearest checkpoint as soon as possible. If the nearest checkpoint is not the finish, retirement must be reported again to race control as soon as possible.Please save our Race HQ/RAYNET mobile number on your phone; 07765 402900.


  1. Walshaw Farm – first pass (on descent before CP4) – 12.45
  2. Walshaw Farm – second pass (CP6) – 13.30

 In 2017 we plan to apply 2 cut-off points at Walshaw Farm; Firstly, 1km before CP4 as you pass through the farm for the first time. The first cut-off time at Walshaw is 12.45, or 2 hours 15 mins after the start; Secondly, we will apply a cut-off at CP6 as you pass through the farm for the second time. The second cut-off time at CP6 is 13.30, or 3 hours after the start of the race. If you are outside of these times you will be instructed to retire. We reserve the right to alter the cut-off time depending on weather conditions. Please respect the marshals’ decision. The race organisers reserve the right to enforce cut-off times to protect the needs and wellbeing of marshals as well as runners. If cut-off times are used they will be influenced by the weather on the day of the race. Runners who are asked to retire should find the shortest route back to Heptonstall and will be guided in this by the marshals.

Flags or other markers must be followed where provided.

Late starters are not allowed.

Competitors must be age 18 or over.

No dogs to accompany runners.

The decisions of the referee are final.


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